A Memorial to Syd Barrett

The 27th October provided a memorable evening of music for those who attended but honour was also paid to Syd in the form of a permanent artwork. A memorial to Syd was unveiled at the Corn Exchange just prior to the evening tribute.  His family, friends and fans joined together and witnessed the unveiling, which was carried out by Syd’s four siblings.  Neil Jones, Operations Director of Cambridge Live, created this dual vision of a concert together with a memorial. Pictured here is Neil Jones, Spadge Hopkins (one of the artists) and the family as they lead the tribute prior to the unveiling.

Presentation for the unveiling.  For restricted use only. All rights reserved.

Syd’s brothers and sisters perform the unveiling.

(c) Jo Randall. For restricted use only. All rights reserved.

The artwork is revealed.  An epheremeral image appearing in a rotating bicycle wheel, reflecting Syd’s brief public persona and playful character.

(c) Jo Randall. For restricted use only. All rights reserved.

(c) Jo Randall. For restricted use only. All rights reserved.

Jenny Spires, a girlfriend of Syd, describes the artwork:

The art work that won the competition judged by Rosemary, Syd’s sister, and Peter, his nephew, was done by Clair Palmier and Spadge Hopkins. It was launched to a packed foyer of guests in a hail of flashes from cameras and phones. Syd was so well known, so well loved and one hardly realises how very much he is loved and revered until something like this in his honour. In taking on the theme of Syd’s song Bike, the art work is a spinning bicycle wheel of psychedelic light show. Not unlike a disappearing colour wheel, as the wheel spins luminous images of Syd appear in a Technicolor of Led lights. It truly is a spectacle of light boxed in to a red and silver frame. It reminded me of the flashing neon signs of the coffee bars we frequented in our late night Soho trips in the early days of UFO when we were living in Earlham Street.