Dedicated Albums

This page lists Albums dedicated to Syd Barrett


The most popular album in this list is obviously Wish You Were Here, although it is not an album strictly about Syd Barrett, nor the band has never claimed it was dedicated to him, but it is a concept album that follows themes closely related to Syd Barrett, his permanence in the band, and his departure (see the concept of this album, and the topic of Syd Barrett). Also, this album contains the song “Shine On You Crazy Diamond“, which is absolutely about Syd Barrett and occupies almost 70% of its length, giving it even quantitatively the right to be an album included here.
An album (or the work for what it was made for) is considered “dedicated” if that was clearly stated somewhere. The same is for an album “about Syd Barrett”, if the references in most of the songs don’t give enough evidence themselves. If most of the songs are cover versions of Syd Barrett songs (or sound-alikes of them), it is implied that it is a cover album.

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Sep. 1974In The Piper’s Magical KingdomFlaming StarDedicated to Syd Barrett, with the song “Mr. Barrett” + 9 songs, on MC and LP, rel. by Madcap Music[1]
Sep. 1975Wish You Were HerePink FloydConcept related to Syd Barrett, with 1 song about him + 3 songs, on LP, quad mix reissue (1976), on CD (1982), on box set (2011, 5.1 mix), rel. by Harvest Records[2][3]
1986Fuck Your Dreams, This Is HeavenVarious Artists3 covers + 6 songs, on LP, OST for a dedicated film, reissue on CD in 1990, rel. by Crammed Discs[4]
1987Beyond the Wildwood: A Tribute to Syd BarrettVarious Artists14 covers, on LP, reissue on CD in 1989 (17 covers), rel. by Imaginary Records[5]
1997In My Infant AirThe Dream Divers7 covers, on CD, rel. by Mamalook! Records[6]
1998Good Morning Mr. BarrettLodovico Ellena12 covers, on CD, reissue in 2000 (14 covers), on LP in 2001 (14 covers), rel. byMellow Records[7][8][9]
2000Asyd Vinyl: a tribute to Syd BarrettVarious Artists19 covers, on 2 LP, rel. by Krank Records[10]
2000Opera for SydKevin CoyneAbout Syd Barrett, with 8 songs, sound-alikes, live in 1 Oct. 1999,[11][12] on CD by Excalibur, self-distributed[13]
Mar. 2002On A Distant Shore: A Tribute To Syd BarrettVarious Artists10 covers + 1 intro song, on CD, self-rel. by Windless Air[14]
Dec. 2002The vegetable man project vol.1Various Artists20 covers of the song “Vegetable Man“, on CD, rel. by Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati[15][16]
Apr. 2003Let’s try it another wayVarious Artists20 covers, 1 transl. in Italian, on CD, self-rel. by The Laughing Madcaps[17]
Oct. 2003The vegetable man 10″ projectVarious Artists60 covers of the song “Vegetable Man“, on LP, rel. by Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati[15][18]
Mar. 2004The vegetable man project vol.2Various Artists20 covers of the song “Vegetable Man“, on CD, rel. by Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati[19]
Nov. 2004The vegetable man project vol.3Various Artists16 covers of + 4 songs about “Vegetable Man, 2 transl., on CD, rel. by Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati[20][21][22]
Nov. 2005The vegetable man project vol.4Various Artists12 covers of + 8 sound-alikes of “Vegetable Man“, on CD, rel. by Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati[23][24]
Apr. 2007Madcap’s Flaming DutyTangerine DreamInspired by Syd Barrett, referencing Syd Barrett album in the title, on CD, rel. byVoiceprint Records[25]
Oct. 2007The Vegetable Man Project Vol. 5Various Artists11 covers of + 9 sound-alikes of “Vegetable Man“, on CD, rel. by Yellow Shoes Records[26][27]
Sep. 2008Like Black Holes in the Sky: The Tribute to Syd BarrettVarious Artists13 covers, on CD, rel. by Dwell Records[28]
Nov. 2009The Vegetable Man Project Vol. 6Various Artists11 covers of + 2 songs about “Vegetable Man“, on CD, rel. by Yellow Shoes Records[29][30]
Feb. 2010The Madcap Laughs Again!Various Artists14 covers, on CD, rel. by Mojo magazine[31]
July 2012Shine!Men On The Border10 covers, on CD, reissue on MP3 (2013), rel. by Digit Records[32][33][34]
Nov. 2013JumpstartMen On The BorderAbout Syd Barrett, with 11 songs + 2 covers, on CD, reissue on MP3 (2014), rel. by Digit Records[35][36][37]
July 2014Inspired By Syd Barrett’s ArtworkGarden Music ProjectInspired by Syd Barrett, 12 songs, on CD, rel. by Cherry Red Records[38]
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