Reccurrences of words in Syd's Songs

Songs written from 1964 to 1966main linkRecurrences of meanings, subjects, multiple words
1Lucy Lee in Blue Tights(Lucy Leave)→40 (hold)[animals] cats/birds/eagle/mice/mouses / ducks/flies5,9,13,52 / 5,27,46 / 22,25 / 27 / 28,33 / 35,57 / 41,42
(Dec. 1964)
2Flutter By Butterfly[adjectives] misty|wet|dry /            cold|hot|heats|cool25,54|31,57|41 / 5,49,58|22|31,44,51,56,58|35,47
3Remember Me
4Double-O-Boalone…kiss…chain…tall / alone…kissed …tall…chain45/46
5Bob Dylan Blues→28 (rhy…)[apples…stores] waddle with apples, to crunchy Mrs. Stores / she wants from the supermarket stores, apples and oranges33/35
(Jan. 1965)
6Effervescing Elephant→19 (home)
(mixed opinions on whether this song dates to Barrett’s teenage years, can anyone confirm?)bad luck / bad bell16/34
[cage] borrowed a page from a leopard’s cage / send a cage through the post48/49
7Boon Tune(Here I Go)→19 (tell)
(references Bo Diddley’s song ‘I Can Tell’ with similar story about girlfriend not home but sister letting suitor in)[colours] pink/blue /          green/black/scarlet /                            red/yellow /                                           grey/white12,35,36 / 14,15,23,26,36,50,51 / 14,32,44,47 / 17,27,28,36 / 18,25 / 19,28,32,55,60 / 19,36,44,60 / 41,49,50,55 / 55
8Love Song→31 (tell)
9Let’s Roll Another One(Candy and a Currant Bun)→43 (ice…)
(the verse “Go cry we’ll have another one” was removed in the censored version)[colours together+multiple words] blue-green / black and green…mice / mouse…red and black18/27/28
10Interstellar Overdrive[colours with adjective] limpid green / scribbly black14/17
(mid 1966, instrumental)[colours with rhyme+multiple words] grey…way / grey…away…way / grey…day…way…away / grey…play41/49/50/55
11I Get Stoned(Stoned Alone)→43 (alo…)
12No Man’s Land→19 (hand)
(spoken parts are audible enhancing the midrange frequencies of the right channel)Dolly Rocker / rocker woman37.43
dream…tears / tears…dreams41/56
13Percy the Ratcatcher(Lucifer Sam)→27 (rhy…)ground…armbands / ground…arm / arms…ground46/47/52
14Astronomy Domine→22 (pow)[ground] touches the ground / stood on ground / kissed the ground29,47 / 41 / 46
16Maisiehands…please / please…hands46/49
(take 2 has the added vocals “his bike made a racket”)[head] I’ll lay my head down / my head kissed the ground / her head lifted high / your head’s on the ground8/46/48/55
(partial Belloc text source, rewritten as Matilda Mother in late 1966)inside…sky45.47
18The GnomeLang…sang / Layne…clang…gang22/23
19No Good Tryingmirror / reflecting23,58 / 54
(references Bo Diddley’s song ‘I Can Tell’ in several lines, ‘i can tell’, ‘see’, ‘understand’, ‘hand’ all in Diddley song too)pow, pow/pow-wow/ref. to ‘Pow R Toc H’ by Roger Waters14/22/14,22
[rhymable words] crying|trying /           play|way|day55,9,12,29|9,12,29,31,19,41 / 7,29,44,45,55,56|18,24,29,31,42,45,46,49,50,52,56,57|6,12,18,29,42,43,50,52,53,55,56,57
20Golden Hair
(lyrics transcribed from full text by Joyce)
21Chapter 24
(lyrics transcribed from full text by I-Ching)[rhymable words] hands|understands|misunderstands / around|surrounds| on the ground|underground46,49,12,19,46,48,58|12,19,52,48|29 / 6,7,9,13,14,15,19,27,41,42,43,45,46,47,49,50,53,57|14,54| 13,27,29,41,46,47,52,55|14,40
22Silas Lang(Swan Lee)
23Arnold Layne
(Dec. 1966?)
Presumably written in 1967[rhyme] around on the ground /            around and around / around…ground13,27 / 9,19 / 14,47
24She Was a Millionaire(Millionaire)[rhyme] hand…understands12,19,48
25Matilda Mother[rhyme] [lot/got] the lot it’s what I’ve got /         she got the lot36/37
(early 1967, Piper version lyrics, the word ‘Sunshine’ is sung in the background to the first line of the last verse and was also a title for a 29 June 1967 recording for the end of ‘Matilda Mother’)
[rhyme] morning…evening / evening…morning43.49
[rhyme] try[tries]…cry[cries]12,29
26Flaming[rhyme+multiple words] day…try…way…play…May…trees / today…way…try…may …trees / today…play…way / day…way / way…someday29 / 31 / 45 / 50 / 56
27The Scarecrow
28The Bike Song(Bike)
29Games for May(See Emily Play)
(May 1967)
30In the Beechwoodssmile…try…tell me / smile…hand / smiled…hand12,31 / 12 / 46
(according to Nick Mason written just after Emily)[seasons] summer / winter / spring / seasonal41,51 / 21,32 / 54 / 60
31Milky Way[story] this here’s a story / I want to tell you a story1/7/18
32Jugband Blues[substances] sandpit / golden / silver / velvet / ebony / wooden / steel|iron|metal|copper13,41,46,42 / 5,20,58,60 / 25,58 / 36,55 / 41,58 / 25,31,44,55 / 40|49|57|58
(July-August 1967 based on Top Of The Pops reference)
33Old Woman With a Casket(Scream Thy Last Scream)sunshine / early morning / sunny morning25,35 / 39 / 43
34Feeltell me / I can tell / ref. to ‘I Can Tell’ by Bo Diddley8,12,17,31 / 19,31 / 7,19
35Apples and Orangeswaddle/waddling wheel/wheeling / waving/waver33/34/54 / 52,54/55
36Vegetable Man
(Oct. 1967)wining, dining / wined and dined18/51
37Dolly RockerRepetitions of words or similar words
38Intremental(John Latham?)
(20 Oct 1967 recording for a John Latham’s film, possibly related with ‘In the Beechwoods’, the most credited to Syd Barrett instrumental among ‘Reaction in G’, July 1967, and ‘Flapdoodle Dealing’, 1966)alone26,41,45,46,49,53
39Early Morning Henrybike16.28
(23 Oct 1967 recording, possibly a Barrett song also because of ‘Henrietta’ in “If It’s In You” lyrics, or possibly an accomplished instrumental as “Reaction in G”)chain23,45,46
40If It’s In Youcreep / creepy / creepers44,55 / 43 / 22
Presumably written in 1968-1974dreams / dreaming / dream5,29,56 / 17 / 32,41,44,51
feel/feeling7,17,31,34,36,45,56,57 / 9,35
42Birdy Hopfly / flying / fling your arms / flail / flies9,15 / 42 / 33 / 34 / 41,42
43Love YouHeigh ho34.44
44Clowns and Jugglers(Octopus)Henry/Henrietta39/40
(honed from Jan. or Feb. 68 through July 68?)hold her hand1,7,12,19,24,31,40,52,56
45Late Nighthome/homes6,19,34,37 / 18
(written prior to May 1968)hood18.19
46Dark Globe(Would’nt You Miss Me)hung a tall / hang tall23/46
47She Took a Long Cool Lookice cream9.43
48Long Gonejoke12,28,32
49Baby Lemonadeknow / knew / knows5,6,7,9,12,17,19,23,28,35,37,42,50,53,56,57 / 7,8,14,22,32,37,42,53 / 27
(mid 1969)
50Gigolo Auntland / the land12,22,41 / 22,25,52
51Wined and Dinedlove / loved / loves / un-loved / lovely1,7,8,9,15,19,31,32,34,35,37,43,45,48,50,51,52,57 / 40 / 47 / 57 / 58
52Waving My Arms in the Air
53Living Alone(I Never Lied to You?)please1,9,31,40,44,46,49,50
(if it’s not related with ‘I Never Lied to You’ or ‘I Get Stoned’ it may be the 61th song)rhyme5,28,43
54Wolfpackscreaming/scream12,26,49 / 33
55Mindshot(It is Obvious)shoes5,25,32,35,36
56Dominoessky/skyline15,18,26,45,47,48,55 / 43
57Ratssmile/smiled7,12,31,43 / 46,47,52,60
58Word Songstars / star / starlit14,45,55 / 15,55 / 26
59Let’s Splittall23,41,45,46
60A Rooftop Song In A Thunderstorm Row Missing The Pointtears41,54,56
(1974 lyrics doubtfully credited to Syd Barrett, if it’s not by a fan; told to be written in 1966; the most accomplished work among 1974 recordings, 1968 instrumental ‘Rhamadan’, Jan. 1968 “joke-song” ‘Have You Got It Yet?’, and the 1967-1968 untitled recordings)town5,35,49,40
trees/tree29,47,55 / 44
water / waters / watershell6,22,34,43,47 / 14,41 / 50
Doubtful/unaccomplished/played songsRepeated possibly by coincidence
1965-1966 coversafternoon9,12,35
(1965-1966 shows. Bo Diddley covers: ‘I Can Tell’, ‘Piggy Back’ and ‘Road Runner’. Other covers: ‘Cops and Robbers’ by Kent Harris, ‘Gimme a Break’ by Ira Cox, ‘King Bee’ by James Moore, ‘I Got Love If You Want It’ by Slim Harpo, “I’m a Lover Not a Fighter” by Lazy Lester, ‘Louie Louie’ by Richard Barry, ‘Yellow Submarine’ by Paul McCartney)awfully/howling32/54
back/backwards8,9,50,52,54,59 / 19
dark/darkness15,29,45,46,56 / 21,22,25
1967-1968 untitled recordingsevening16,43,48,49
(among the various untitled recordings from 28 July 1967 to 30 Jan. 1968, one of the most accomplished may be from 4 Sep. 1967, possibly related with ‘In the Beechwoods’ or ‘Millionaire’ or ‘Opel’)everything7,25,28,35,50,53,59
floating/float14,15,25 / 29
1974 recordingsgazing / gazed / gaze29/47/54
(12-15 Aug. 1974, unaccomplished instrumentals. Recordings named: “If you Go, Don’t Be Slow”, ‘Boogie’, ‘If You Go’, ‘Ballad’, ‘Chooka-Chooka Chug-Chug’, ‘Slow Boogie’, ‘John Lee Hooker’, ‘Fast Boogie’, ‘Blues’, ’12 Bar’, ‘Slow Blues’, ‘Fast 12 Bar’, ‘Country Blues’, ‘Song’, “Rock ‘n’ Roll / Blues”, ‘Lead Bit’, ‘Fast Blues’)harm1.56
her face47.48
kissed/kiss40,46 / 45
light / sunlight / lights / lighting7,16,21,26,45,48,50,54 / 15,25 / 19 / 58
Flapdoodle Dealinglonely34,37,42
(1966 shows, instrumental, by Roger Waters?, related to ‘Pow R Toc H’?)luminous/illuminous15/16
Have You Got It, Yet?mean / means / meaning / meant1,15,17,31,40 / 5,31,47 / 25 / 44,53
(8 Jan. 1968 rehearsal, unaccomplished “joke-song”)mind27,29,48,55,56
Lanky(Rhamadan)night / nighttime / tonight6,17,13,42,45,59 / 43 / 9,59
(14 May 1968 recording, instrumental, unaccomplished?)pack35,54,58
One In A Millionpoppy46.58
(13 Sep. 1967 concert, by Roger Waters?)rain/rains/raindrops49,57 / 52 / 58
Pink Themesea/seas13,32,47 / 44
(1966 shows, instrumental, unaccomplished?)shines / shining / moonshine [honey…shining]1,12,25,32,41,43 / 9,44 / 23 [43,44]
Reaction In Gsun / sunlight / sunset, sunrise / sunshine / sunny9,32,48,49,57 / 15,25 / 21 / 25,35 / 43
(13 Sep. 1967 concert, instrumental, by Pink Floyd?)think/thinking7,17,28,32,35,42,43,53,57 / 27,40
Religious Experience(Singing A Song In The Morning)tighter [hold…tighter]1,40,59 [1,40]
(Dec. 1969, by Kevin Ayers, discarded contributions by Syd Barrett)time8,18,21,22,23,25,31,33,35,43,47,55,56
The Most Boring Song I’ve Ever Heard Bar 2tin and lead / lead…tin50/58
(24 Jan. 1968 recording, by Rick Wright, related to ‘See Saw’)trips/trip35/44
Two Of A Kindtropic/tropical22.44
(24 Feb. 1970 show, by Rick Wright according to David Gilmour)wind / winding / windy / winds5,27,44 / 18,41 / 42 / 44,51,54,57
Related songsRepeated likely by coincidence
1What’s a Shame Mary Jane(What’s the New Mary Jane)wandering / wondering / wonders / wondered25 / 32,55 / 47 / 48
(Aug. 1968, by John Lennon, supposedly inspired by Syd Barrett)washing23.49
2Oh! Wot A Dream
(Nov. 1972, by Kevin Ayers, ref. to Syd Barrett)
3Brain Damage
(Mar. 1973, by Roger Waters, some ref. to Syd Barrett)
4Mr. Barrett
(1974, by John Steele, from his self-prod. album ded. to Syd Barrett)
5Shine On You Crazy Diamond
(Sep. 1975, by Pink Floyd, ref. to Syd Barrett)
6Psychedelic Punkeroo
(1978, by Twink, ref. to Syd Barrett)
7I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
(Jan. 1981, by Dan Treacy, ref. to Syd Barrett)
8The Man Who Invented Himself
(Apr. 1981, by Robyn Hitchcock, ref. to Syd Barrett)
9Song For Syd Barrett
(May 1984, by Martin Newell, ref. to Syd Barrett)
10Stolen Letters
(1986, by Magic Y and Uncle T, ref. to Syd Barrett)
11Spun Out Of A Mind
(1987, by Magic Uncle, ref. to Syd Barrett lyrics in the title of the single)
12Stanley The Simpleton
(Mid-1990s, by an unknown fan, hoax mistaken as Syd Barrett outtake)
13Song For Randy Newman Etc.
(Jun. 1992, by Martin Phillipps, mentioning of Syd Barrett)
14High Hopes
(Mar. 1994, by David Gilmour & Polly Samson, some ref. to Syd Barrett)
15My Man Syd
(1996, by The Brian Jonestown Massacre, ref. to Syd Barrett)
16A Star Too Far (Lullaby For Sid Barrett)
(1996, by Genesis P-Orridge and Larry Thrasher, ref. to Syd Barrett)
17Light Globe
(Jan. 1997, by Matt St. Hubbins, ref. to Syd Barrett, part. a cover)
18Feels Like 1974
(1998, by Robyn Hitchcock, some ref. to Syd Barrett)
19Hyperdrive Reprise
(1998, by Dave Brock, instrumental part. cover for a book on Pink Floyd)
20Incarceration Of A Flower Child
(1999, by Roger Waters, supposedly revised 1968 lyrics about Syd)
21Left Alone (Ballad Of Syd Barrett)
(2000, by Scott Bartholdson and Rod Johnson, ref. to Syd Barrett)
22Ja znaju gde zhivet Sid Barret
(2000, by Umka & Bro, ref. to Syd Barrett, in Russian)
23L’omino vegetale
(2004, by Dario Antonetti, ref. to Syd Barrett, in Italian)
24Syd Barrett Blues
(2004, by Rod Webber, ref. to Syd Barrett, part. a cover)
25Gente De Barrett
(2005, by Sidonie, ref. to Syd Barrett, in Spanish)
26Syd Barrett
(Jan. 2007, by Alain Pire, ref. to Syd Barrett, in French)
27Guitar and Dust Dancing
(2007, by Pascal Mascheroni, ref. to Syd Barrett, for ded. poems)
28Oranges and Apples
(Oct. 2008, by The Trash Can Sinatras, ref. to Syd Barrett)
29Dark Asteroid
(Nov. 2008, by The Damned, ref. to Syd Barrett)
30Nobody Home
(Dec. 2008, by Phil Judd and Rod Leith, ref. to Syd Barrett)
(Sep 2010, by Philippe Katerine, mentioning of Syd Barrett, in French)
32Syd B.
(Dec. 2011, by Mike Principe, ref. to Syd Barrett, in Italian)
33When Your Garden’s Overgrown
(Mar. 2012, by Paul Weller and Simon Dine, ref. to Syd Barrett)
34What’s New, Vegetable Man?
(Jun. 2013, by Paul Colilli, ref. to Syd Barrett)
35Noise for Syd
(Nov. 2013, Yuval Avital audio-visual live claimed to recall Syd Barrett)
(Nov. 2013, Men On The Border album claimed to be about Syd Barrett)
Syd Barrett covers
(among the various covers the most known maybe: 1973 David Bowie ‘See Emily Play’, 1980 Soft Boys ‘Vegetable Man’, 1984 Jesus and Mary Chain ‘Vegetable Man’, 1987 various artists compilation ‘Beyond the Wildwood’, 1989 R.E.M. ‘Dark Globe’, 1992 Smashing Pumpkins ‘Terrapin’, 2001 David Gilmour ‘Terrapin’, 2002 Dario Antonetti ‘Vegetable Man Project’ with 100 versions of ‘Vegetable Man’ so far, 2006 David Gilmour ‘Dark Globe’ and with David Bowie and Rick Wright ‘Arnold Layne’)
Songs from the internet
(sharing and streaming over the internet has resulted in hundreds of availabe Syd Barrett tributes not properly released, among which: 1999 Rex Tangle ‘Elephant’ on his website, 2000 The Worms instrumental ‘A Tribute to Syd’ on vol.18 of the well-known shared series of CD ‘Have You Got It Yet?’, 2008[?] The Spyders ‘The Ballad Of Syd Barrett’ on MySpace, 2007 Alec video “There’s A Man In Cambridge (Song for Syd Barrett)” on YouTube, 2007 Pauldullson parody cover video ‘Pink Floyd – Paying The Piper’ on YouTube; several thousands of different Syd Barrett covers are on YouTube)
It’s quite possible that the list above is incomplete, and subtle references could be found in several songs not included above, especially by Pink Floyd, like in “Fearless”, for the line “Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd, smiling” that can recall anecdotes about Syd Barrett that would be more explicit later in “Brain Damage”, or like in some songs in the album The Wall, like “Hey You” and “Nobody Home”. Also, some bands have took their name from Syd Barrett songs, like the Italian Jennifer Gentle (for a line in “Lucifer Sam”), and some of such bands, or some of the huge numbers of songwriters who claim to have a strong influence from Syd Barrett, could have included some unclaimed reference to Syd Barrett in their songs: for instance, another Italian band, called Birdy Hop also for a Syd Barrett song (“Birdie Hop”), titled their debut album Welcome To The Insanity Ride, that can recall a line in “Octopus”.
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