The late Roger ‘Syd’ Barrett, from Cambridge, was a co-founder of the 1960’s music group Pink Floyd and performed on lead guitar and vocals. He also composed many of their songs. He was responsible for inspiring an entire generation of musicians to develop their own indigenous brand of English rock music.

Syd was quintessentially English, penning idiosyncratic songs unique in style and tone.  He had a hugely attractive personality and with his good looks he was difficult to ignore. He was a quick-witted clown who kept family and friends laughing at his good-natured cheekiness throughout his younger years. Always interested in experimenting with music, he played the recorder, piano, ukulele, Jew’s harp and guitar all to a good standard.

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Enjoy the Words – The Lyrics of Syd Barrett

“So merrily trip and go my side” The surreal and intoxicating lyrics of Pink Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett had a profound and long-lasting influence on the band.  The Lyrics of Syd Barrett gathers together the complete works…
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MERCURY STUDIOS UNVEIL THE RELEASE OF “HAVE YOU GOT IT YET?” THE STORY OF SYD BARRETT AND PINK FLOYD Produced by Mercury Studios, Believe Media and A Cat Called Rover ~OUT JULY 19, 2024~ “The Definitive Documentary On Early Pink Floyd”…

Winner of Pink Floyd’s 50th Anniversary Animation Contest inspired by Syd Barrett

Pink Floyd's 50th Anniversary Animation contest was won by a brilliant piece of work by Rati Dabrundashvili and Nastassja Nikitina, from Caucasus, Georgia, who won the first prize of £100,000 for their animation entitled “Brain…

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I love the art design and colors on these!

Can’t wait to watch this!

A superb documentary. Well worth a watch.

Got my preorder!

Ladies and gentlemen… Christmas just came early! 😃☺️

Saw this at the cinema last September. It's fantastic


Lime and limpid green, a second scene, now the fights between the blue you once knew 💎✨💫💥

I'm so glad I pre-ordered this!

Letter in the most recent Mojo plugging this film

Wish you were here…

28 quid on Amazon. Bargain.

got it ❤️

Richard Allen this is what I was talking about yesterday! 🙂

I'm in the U.S., how can I see it. Is it streaming somewhere


Not yet, but apparently its in the mail on its way! LOL

It's downloaded on my TV box already thanks to Sky Arts 😎

I loved it. Nice job and well done👌

Bonuses on the Blu Ray?

Lydia Bartolomeo Esce un film su Syd


Phaedra Ward


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Syd died on this day in 2006 and is missed to this day, but his music and art is still ENJOYED by so many. ... See MoreSee Less

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What a beautiful soul who lives on through his creativity and the lives he touched. 🩷

RIP Syd/ DIAMOND 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙always loved, always remembered

My 3 Kings Day birthday buddy. Still one of my favorite artists and people. Also, my favorite pet ever (Syd Barrett the Ferret) was named in your honor. Love you and long live Syd and his legacy.

SYD BARRETT (1946-2006) See you, he was the soundtrack to the underground, The symphony of space Lost forever to the human race, Howling and screaming in silence, nowhere to be found. See you around. Hey there, he was the man who invented the dark, Snip went the click clack of years, In the whirlpool of tears, The jungle surrounded the madman, silenced his bark, Out went the spark. See there, off in the distance, kaleidoscope clouds, Stripped colours from clowns, Smiles cowered by frowns, Oblivious, he walks alone in the centre of crowds For crying out loud. Hey you, the sun’s playing tricks with the shivering moon, The green sea laughs. Black and white photographs Of a stranger stare back at a shadow who’s run out of tunes, Far too soon. Hey you, see there, hey there, see you. © December 31, 2006 - Michael W. Cunliffe

Shine on in Heaven beautiful soul☀️ Miss you and Love you forever Syd💚🍀

Great photos great performer Rest in peace

I tripped that night playing Syd songs, even wrote a little track, 'my mate Syd', had the most wonderful night. Then on the Monday, read he had passed. I'm convinced he was channeling somehow. No idea.

Gone but never forgotten 🩷 thank you Syd for your music. ❤️🥹

Lucca 2006: Roger's Dark Side tour was going on third year in a row. Syd had just died a few days before this very gig, which left the day quite emotional and tense. I was touring with my best Floyd friend Kevin, who was turning 55 having his 55th anniversary Roger gig on the very day. As we entered, I had the whole crowd burst in to singing "Happy birthday" for him, which left him with a huge smile and a tear in his eye. Roger's performance this evening, is to me, the most intense I've ever witnessed, especially his bass on The Great Gig In The Sky stands out as a memory that will never escape me. RIP SYD

Saw Roger in Lucca a few days later doing Darkside. Very emotional night.

Forever shine on Syd

He was such an incredible painter.

Rest in Peace Syd never to be forgotten

Syd left us too soon. I was obsessed a few years back about this body of work,and his tragic life in his young life. Her left us with very unique music,he left us much to soon. Shine on You Crazy Diamond.

RIP Syd.

Miss you, Shine on 💎. Kisses to the sky Syd 💕

Totally bonkers Totally original Totally unique. He was Syd Barrett.

R.I.P Syd. Hoping you're Iiving your best life, painting reading and relaxing xx

RIP Syd!!

So sad that he didn't realize his dreams of getting married and having kids.

Shine on 💎

Rip Syd

Terrible tragedy that he lost his way. What music masterpieces could he have made. If only he survived.

I still love you and Your beautiful art, Syd, you Will be forever unforgettable ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

A True Legend Shine on You Crazy Diamond ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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