If you'd like to find out more about Syd, here is a reading list for Syd and Pink Floyd (please note that not all are still in print). Enjoy!

  1. The Music Scene of 1960s Cambridge Warren Dosanjh and Mick Brown (2013).  This book includes information on places and bands related to Syd Barrett, revision of a 2009 ed (16 pp 5 ebook ed), self-pub.
  2. Barrett Russell Beecher and Will Shutes (2011, Essential Books, 2 vols).  Photo book, with monograph on the artwork, comments. Contains the largest collection of Syd Barrett related images ever assembled, including hundreds of unseen and rare photographs of Syd and Pink Floyd, Syd’s personal love letters and all of Syd’s original artworks. The book offers an unprecedented insight into Syd’s life. The authors draw on their research to show Syd’s work and life, resulting in a comprehensive study of Syd the artist. Includes comments from, and archive interviews with, many of Syd’s friends and colleagues including Joe Boyd, Barry Miles, Libby Gausden-Chisman, Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, Jenny Spires, and many more. Available from
  3. Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd: Dark Globe Julian Palacios (2010, Plexus Publishing) . Biography, revision of Lost in the Woods (1998, 352 pp.), 1 transl. ed.
  4. Syd Barrett: A Very Irregular Head Rob Chapman (2010, Faber and Faber). Biography, ebook ed, 2 transl. ed. This biography focuses on Syd’s artistic influences and includes many new source interviews. ISBN: 978-0-571-23854-5.
  5. Syd Barrett: Legend Bob Cairns (2009, Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers). This book looks at Syd’s rise to stardom, through to his death, and includes lyrics to his full solo material, with analysis of their meaning. ISBN-10: 1903490367 ISBN-13: 978-1903490365.
  6. Syd Barrett: Le premier Pink Floyd Emmanuel Le Bret (2008). Biography. This text-only French book was published in January 2009, and provides a thorough analysis of his life, looking at each aspect in detail. Published by Editions du Moment. ISBN-10: 235417036X ISBN-13: 978-2354170363 in French, pub. by Editions du Moment.
  7. Echoes: The Complete History of Pink Floyd (2007) Glenn Povey. Reference work on concerts, with photos, discography, 4 transl. ed., pub. by Mind Head Publishing.
  8. Le canzoni di Syd Barrett Alessandro Bratus (2007). Reference work with articles on songs, in Italian, pub. by Editori Riuniti.
  9. Pigs Might Fly: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd Mark Blake (2007, Aurum Press) . Biography, re-ed. in 2013 (454 pp.), ebook ed. (2011, 200 pp.), 4 transl. ed.
  10. Scattered Needles (2007) Daniel Raymond Nass.  Sheet music of orchestral versions of 4 songs, with commentary on music and lyrics, pub. by ProQuest.
  11. Pink Floyd: The Early Years (2006) Barry Miles 160 Biography, ebook ed. (2011, 128 pp.), pub. by Omnibus Press.
  12. Terrapin (2006) Rick Salsman 272 Collection of the fanzines Terrapin, with introductions, ebook ed. (2011), pub. by Central Studios.
  13. Syd Barrett, Le Genie Perdu De Pink Floyd (2005) Tim Willis. A 2005 French translation of Willis’s 2002 book. Published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishing. ISBN-10: 1903490367 ISBN-13: 978-1903490365.
  14. Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd (2005/2011) Nick Mason and Philip Dodd. Biography, re-ed. in 2005 (384 pp.),[61] ebook ed. (2011, 448 pp.), 10 transl. ed., pub. by W&N, Phoenix (2005).
  15. Saucerful of Secrets, The Pink Floyd Odyssey (2003) Nicholas Schaffner.  Originally published in 1992 (revised March 2003), this detailed book looks at the band’s history, with a heavy focus on the early days. Published by Helter Skelter Publishing.ISBN-10: 1905139098 ISBN-13: 978-19051390952004.
  16. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn John Cavanagh  (2003, Continuum).  Monograph on the 1st album and the story behind it, with interviews, ebook ed., 2 transl.
  17. Madcap: The half-life of Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd’s lost genius Tim Willis. (2002, Futura Publications). Biography which aims to dispel some of the more outlandish myths, and bring balance and reality to Syd’s story. Published by Short Books. ISBN-10: 190409550X ISBN-13: 978-1904095507 1.
  18. Random Precision: Recording the Music of Syd Barrett 1965-1974 David Parker (2001, Cherry Red Books) A chronological look at Barrett’s recording sessions from early Floyd in 1965, to his final solo sessions in 1974, accompanied by interviews with producers and engineers involved in the recordings. ISBN-10: 1901447251 ISBN-13: 978-19014472555.
  19. Psychedelic Renegades Mick Rock (2001).  Photobook, re-ed. in 2007 (142 pp.), 1 transl. ed., pub. by Genesis Publications, Rebel Arts (July 2007).
  20. London Live Tony Bacon (1998) . This January 1998 book is long out-of-print, and looks at the live concert scene in the UK capital between the 1950s-70s, with memorabilia and eyewitness accounts.
  21. The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia Vernon Fitch (1998). Reference work, re-ed. in 1999 (448 pp.), 2005, 1 transl. ed., with a Hawkwind CD, pub. by CG Publishing.
  22. Lost in the Woods: Syd Barrett and the Pink Floyd Julian Palacios (1998). Biography, pub. by Boxtree Ltd.  This book was republished in September 2010, under the new title of ‘Dark Globe’, and is a detailed look at Barrett’s life. Published by Plexus Publishing. ISBN-10: 0859654311,  ISBN-13: 978-0859654919.
  23. Syd Barrett: A fish out of water Luca Ferrari (1996, Stampa Alternativa).  Biography, with interviews, monograph on the artwork, 2 songs on CD, transl.
  24. Crazy Diamond Ted Shuttleworth (1996). Screenplay for a film never made, registered WGAw.
  25. Pink Floyd / Syd Barrett: Volume primo Paolo Bertrando (1994, Arcana Editrice). Song book, with introduction, transl. of lyrics, in Italian, pub. by Arcana Editrice
  26. The Mick Rock Photo-Sessions Mick Rock (1993, UFO Books). Photobook for the box set Syd Barrett: The Madcap Laughs, text by Pete Anderson.
  27. Crazy Diamond: Syd Barrett & the Dawn of Pink Floyd Mike Watkinson and Pete Anderson (1991, Omnibus Press). The first major biography of Syd Barrett originally published in 1991, and revised in 2006 with detail on the story behind his later years, his illness, and death, with information provided by Syd’s family. Published by Omnibus Press. ASIN: B002A758JE re-ed. in 2006 (208 pp.), ebook ed. (2009, 192 pp.), 9 transl. ed., pub. by Omnibus Press.
  28. Pink Floyd: Dizionario Rock Luca Ferrari (1990, Arcana Editrice) Reference work with articles on songs, places, studios, venues, in Italian.
  29. Syd Barrett: Where is the madcap called Syd… Luca Ferrari (1989, Stampa Alternativa).  Song book, with chronicle, interviews/articles, 2 tribute songs on 7″, in Italian.
  30. Tatuato sul Muro: L’enigma di Syd Barrett Luca Ferrari (1986) Biography, re-ed. in 1991 and 1995 (144 pp.), in Italian, pub. by Gammalibri, Edizioni Blues Brothers (1995).
  31. Pink Floyd Luca Ferrari (1985, Arcana Editrice)  Collection of interviews/articles, discography, lyrics of unreleased songs, in Italian.
  32. Syd Barrett: the making of ‘The Madcap Laughs’ Malcolm Jones (1982, Orange Sunshine Press).  Memoir on the recording, re-ed. in 2003, self-pub. (1986), Brain Damage (2003).
  33. ’67 Pink Floyd: The Early Years Barry Miles (1978, Wise Publications) Song book, with photos, sheet music, introduction and comments.
  34. The Pink Floyd Rick Sanders (1976, Futura Publications).  Biography, 1 transl.







A number of other books have been published by self-publishing or print on demand, e.g. by PageKicker (Syd Barrett MiniBio, Syd Barrett MiniBriefing) or by General Books LLC (Syd Barrett Songs, Syd Barrett Albums), but they don’t represent proper works about Syd Barrett, because of the lack of editing work in the material copied from other sources, or the lack of authorship in the factual information reported.

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