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A new drama for BBC Radio 4, THE BALLAD OF SYD & MORGAN, starring Simon Russell Beale, Tyger Drew-Honey and Madeleine Leslay will be broadcast on Saturday, May 20th at 3.00 pm. It will subsequently be available on BBC Sounds. 

Dramatised by Roger James Elsgood from Haydn Middleton’s novel of the same name. The story features an imagined meeting between Syd Barrett and E M Forster, woven into a beautiful tale. Sound design and post-production by Giovanni Sipiano, directed by Willi Richards and produced by Roger James Elsgood.


Barrett the definitive visual companion, the only official book created with Syd’s family and Pink Floyd, which is packed with previously unseen photos, private correspondence, all of Syd’s artwork and classic Floyd images is now available in paperback at barrettbook.com.